How Often Should You Clean Your PC?

How Often Should You Clean Your PC?.

You want to scrub your PC each 4 to 6 months – that’s what most guides advocate. This is only a tough determine, although!

It may require cleansing each month or be left for years with minimal mud buildup. Until and until you don’t see the apparent indicators (like roaring followers and overheating), you don’t have to stress out.

The PC’s placement, room/environmental situation, pets, and airflow – every thing comes into consideration.

Since I keep my room clear, my gaming PCs aren’t vulnerable to mud buildup. Yet, I wish to have them serviced as soon as yearly.

Unlike my room, it’s unimaginable to scrub every a part of our office that always. This finally results in more mud buildup on most of our PCs, particularly if they’re within the warehouse.

Based on my experiences, listed below are the doable eventualities and my verdicts on how typically must you clear your PC.

Case 1: If Your Room is Too Dusty

Once/Twice a month

It’s an apparent factor to say {that a} room that accumulates more mud makes the PC case dusty sooner. If you don’t clear it for a very long time, it could possibly turn out to be extremely dusty.

In this situation, it doesn’t matter the place you could have positioned your PC. The consumption followers are going to suck in additional mud, whether or not or not it’s on the ground or on prime of the desk.

pc case on top of the table for better airflow
My PC is in a clear and tidy room. So, I needn’t fear about extreme mud buildup.

It’s a great follow to examine your PC not less than as soon as every week. As quickly as you see mud on the outer floor of the chassis and aspect panels, take a microfiber towel and wipe it.

I counsel cleansing your PC not less than as soon as a month when you can’t make investments a lot time. Twice would have been even higher!

Case 2: If You Own Furry Friends

Twice/Thrice a month

With furry buddies round, it’s irritating not simply to scrub the PC however your whole room. I’ve been there – with two cats and a canine, I’ve to tidy my environment each single day.

Their fur can block the followers and mud filters, affecting the right airflow of your PC case. Also, they might get caught within the motherboard’s ports and connectors.

While maintaining your pets away from the pc is the most suitable choice, this isn’t fairly doable, is it?

Training them to not get close to the pc is a superb concept, however this job too is way more troublesome in terms of cat-proofing the PC.

In such a situation, I like to recommend cleansing the PC not less than twice a month.

Since you’re already investing time in vacuuming your room frequently, don’t hesitate to take away mud out of your invaluable {hardware} elements.

Case 3: Check your PC’s Position

Once/Twice a Year

If your room doesn’t accumulate mud incessantly and has no pet fur, your PC ought to stay tidy for a very long time.

This is when your PC placement issues probably the most. My all-time favourite spot is on prime of the desk, which is nice for cooling and accumulates minimal mud.

In such a case, cleansing every year is greater than sufficient.

cleaning workspace
Don’t overlook to scrub your workspace

Putting it beneath the desk blocks the airflow and may even lure the extreme mud inside, particularly if the ground is carpeted.

Likewise, the variety of case followers, their dimension (120 or 140 mm), and the air strain contained in the case drastically affect airflow and cooling.

The consumption followers herald cool air, however alongside comes mud. That’s additionally the rationale these are those to turn out to be clogged sooner.

I used to keep my PC close to the window. Not simply the interior elements however even the exterior peripherals turned dusty inside days regardless of maintaining the room clear.

It was in all probability the worst determination. If you’ve opted for the same placement, chances are you’ll require dusting off your PC nearly frequently.

Also, be aware that mud buildup is a pure course of. Some sections with much less airflow (just like the bottom of the monitor or PC case) have more mud, which wants consideration, too.

Keeping all these items into consideration, cleansing your PC a few times a 12 months ought to suffice.

But if yours is getting dusty sooner, you may have to do it 4 or 5 instances.

Case 4: How Humid Is Your Room

Immediately (when you spot water droplets)

In case you could have put in an air humidifier or in case your room temperature is just too low, moisture can type on the PC case and even inside, particularly if it’s idle for a very long time.

While condensation continues to be a uncommon incidence, it’s a regarding issue for particular customers. If you see any indicators (like a moist layer within the aspect panels), it requires fast cleansing.

Also, I counsel powering off your humidifier or maintaining a dehumidifier, as this may considerably cut back the humidity stage in your room. Otherwise, it’s not a factor to emphasize about.

Case 5: Accidental Spills


You’d relatively have more issues on account of exterior liquid spills than a moist room. This is particularly true for customers who place their PCs on the desk.

In this case, by no means let any drop of liquid attain the interior elements. It can trigger short-circuits and even render the pc ineffective.

Once, I by accident spilled sizzling espresso on my PC. Fortunately, not even a single drop bought inside, and I immediately took a microfiber towel and cleaned the chassis.

cleaning spilled liquid from side panel immediately
Immediately clear the PC case when you spill any liquid

What can we be taught from right here? Well, I discovered by no means to convey any drink close to the pc once more…

Case 6: PC is Unused or Stored

Once a 12 months

If PCs are saved for a very long time, mud, particles, bugs, and cobwebs are frequent.

To keep away from such a large number, I counsel servicing your PC infrequently, despite the fact that you’re not planning to make use of it. Deep clear your PC each six months or every year, relying on how dusty your warehouse is.

A greater possibility is to take off all of the elements and retailer them of their respective bins. Use anti-static luggage (if doable) as this helps forestall the elements from static electrical energy.

pc case becomes dusty through openings
The openings that convey air contained in the PC case are those resulting in most mud

If you could have probably the greatest airflow PC instances, the saved PCs too, received’t accumulate a lot particles and mud bunnies.

Additionally, good-quality filters additionally assist cut back mud coming into and accumulating on prime of the elements.

How I Know My PC Needs Cleaning

Let’s now look at a few of my office PCs…

I booted up every PC – every thing was fairly clean, and the sensors additionally recorded splendid temperatures. So, a deep cleansing wasn’t needed on any of the setups.

So, am I going to scrub them? Yes… however it should take simply 5 to 10 minutes to take away mud from them.

The PC that I cleaned final month has no grime or particles on the within. Since the casing has turn out to be just a little dusty, wiping it with a microfiber towel will suffice.

recently cleaned pc condition
PC I cleaned final month: Everything appears to be like dust-free

This PC was positioned on the ground and hasn’t been cleaned for a couple of months now. That’s in all probability why some sections have mud bunnies, particularly within the fan blades and unused motherboard slots.

pc in warehouse dust condition
PC in our warehouse saved for over a 12 months: We’ll use an air duster to scrub it

The identical is the case with the PCs saved for over a 12 months in our warehouse. The mud filters right here have turn out to be the dirtiest. I even discovered cobwebs on the bottom of the entrance panels.

my pc not cleaned for 15 months dust condition
Dust on my office PC, which hasn’t been cleaned for over 15 months

In each these instances, I’m going to blow mud using a compressed air duster and use a Q-tip to get to the hard-to-reach sections. Within couple of minutes, the PC is all neat and tidy.

Now, right here’s a really outdated PC case I discovered in my storehouse:

too much dusty pc
Overaccumulation of mud on the case: Do not let your PC turn out to be this soiled

This one absolutely requires a deep cleansing. While I’ve already taken out my motherboard, the PSU part too, appears to be like filthy.

Never let your PC get to such a state. Blow off the mud particles as quickly as you see them.

Moving Forward – Here’s How To Properly Clean PC

While I do a daily cleansing as quickly I discover my PC soiled and deep clear it as soon as yearly, chances are you’ll have to arrange a schedule for your self, or you could possibly very nicely observe what I’ve mentioned above.

For these curious ones, we’ve got detailed guides on every thing associated to cleansing PC elements. 

properly cleaning pc
This is how I eliminated mud from all my three PCs

We have deep cleansing guides on the motherboard, RAM, and CPU, together with its coolers, PSU, case followers, and graphics card.

I additionally advise you to scrub every peripherals — monitor, keyboard, mouse, and even your RGB mousepads!

If you’re a laptop computer particular person, I even have a complete information on cleansing a laptop computer. The course of is a bit delicate, however with my steering, anyone ought to have the ability to do it, even a newbie.

That’s all for this text! Always clear your PC each time you possibly can. Not simply because it’s dusty however to guard your well being from contaminants and viruses.

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