Microsoft is adding a latest image AI feature to Microsoft Windows 11 Copilot

Microsoft is including a latest image AI function to Microsoft Windows 11 Copilot.

Windows Copilot for Windows 11

Microsoft Windows Copilot presently has little to supply, however this might change quickly. Microsoft is including a latest function that allows you to seize the display screen and ask the AI to elucidate it. This latest function, referred to as “Add a screenshot,” is rolling out to most people, however it could not present up for everybody.

The latest “add a screenshot” button within the Copilot panel enables you to seize the display screen and immediately add it to the Copilot or Bing panel. When the screenshot is uploaded to Copilot on Microsoft Windows 11, you may ask Bing Chat to debate it. You can ask something associated to the screenshot.

This is just like the prevailing image add function in or’s chat, however the integration is more optimised for screenshots. In the beneath instance, we requested Copilot to elucidate a screenshot of Recycle Bin, and it shortly supplied a brief description:

This is a picture of the Recycle Bin icon on a pc desktop. The Recycle Bin is a function of the Microsoft Windows working system that enables customers to retailer deleted information and folders quickly earlier than completely erasing them.

Windows Copilot screenshot button
Microsoft Windows Copilot screenshot button | Image Courtesy: Microsoft

Since Microsoft Edge powers Copilot, its screenshot function additionally lets you draw over the screenshot or add particular directions that Copilot can see.

Add a screenshot in Windows CopilotAdd a screenshot in Windows Copilot
The latest screenshot function in Copilot for Microsoft Windows

If you may entry ChatGPT-4 Turbo, which is rolling out to pick out folks, you may even ask Microsoft Windows Copilot to elucidate feelings, together with these depicted in summary photos. This is offered to pick out customers solely, picked up randomly, however Microsoft plans to increase the rollout within the coming weeks.

Copilot is the following large factor for Microsoft Windows 11

Microsoft emphasises Copilot as a central function throughout its products, together with Office and Microsoft Windows.

Later in 2024, Microsoft will add a devoted Copilot button to Microsoft Windows {hardware} as a part of its efforts to “simplify people’s computing experience”.

Microsoft desires Copilot in every single place. This shouldn’t be a secret to anybody, and we have now additionally highlighted it in our earlier reviews. In a weblog publish, Microsoft not too long ago confirmed its plans so as to add a Copilot key to the Microsoft Windows keyboard. On older {hardware}, you may entry Copilot with Win+C keyboard shortcut.

Microsoft is advertising the change as essentially the most vital improve to the Microsoft Windows keyboard in almost three many years and is evaluating it with the introduction of the Microsoft Windows Start key.

“Copilot will be the entry point into the world of AI on the PC,” Microsoft mentioned, and it confirmed that latest-generation {hardware} will ship with the Copilot key.

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