How do I Mass Rename Files in macOS

How do I Mass Rename Files in macOS.

Renaming a single file in macOS is simple, however with regards to bulk renaming a number of recordsdata, whether or not it’s 10 or 100, you actually don’t need to do it one after the other. Hidden inside macOS is a function that lets you just do that, and it’s fairly easy.

mass rename files in macOS

In this text, I’m going to reveal how this function works and discover the extent of its capabilities when it comes to bulk renaming recordsdata.

First, navigate to the folder containing all of the recordsdata you want to rename. If they’re scattered throughout completely different places, it’s best to consolidate them into one folder.

Select all of the recordsdata (Command + A), right-click, after which select “Rename.”

Selecting all files for renaming in macOS

This is the place the true motion begins.

If you need to disregard their present filenames and sequentially quantity them, for instance: image-1.png, image-2.png, image-3.png, and so on., alter the next settings:

  • Custom Format: image-
  • Start Numbers At: 1
Sequential mass renaming settings

Here’s the outcomes:

Result of sequential mass renaming

If you want to retain the present filename however add the textual content “(done)” in entrance of all of the recordsdata, do the next:

  1. Under the “Format” dropdown, change it to “Add Text.
  2. With “Add Text” and “Before Name” chosen, sort in “(done).”
  3. Click “Rename.”
Adding text before filenames

Here’s what you’ll get:

Result of adding text before filenames

This function additionally lets you bulk discover and change sure textual content in all filenames. For instance, if we need to take away all situations of “copy” from the filenames, right here’s what we do:

  1. Select “Replace Text” from the dropdown.
  2. In “Find,” insert “copy
  3. In “Replace with” depart it clean.
Find and replace text in filenames

And voilà, all situations of “copy” within the filenames are eliminated.

Result of find and replace in filenames

One vital word: earlier than you affirm the mass renaming of your recordsdata, check out the “Example” that reveals you the way the output will look. However, even in the event you make a mistake and understand it after the mass renaming, you possibly can nonetheless hit Command + Z to mass undo all adjustments.

Preview of mass renaming result

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