Argentavis ARK Survival Evolved [Complete Guide]

Argentavis ARK Survival Evolved [Complete Guide].

Few flying mounts are as versatile because the Argentavis: they’re quick, tanky, and have loads of utility in different areas. However, it’s not as pleasant or straightforward to acquire as a Pteranodon as a result of it’s a predatory chook that assaults any survivor that wanders too shut. Once you’ve made associates with an Argy, you’ll have one of the crucial helpful tames in ARK.

All About ARK’s Argentavis

You may spot Argentavis flocks hopping round on any of ARK’s maps. They seem like odd birds of prey from a distance and about the identical up shut. They are available numerous colours, however all adults are the identical dimension and have the identical mannequin.


Many of the bigger flying creatures in ARK are dinosaurs quite than birds. The Argentavis is by far the most important precise chook within the sport. They’re additionally a lot stronger fighters and have more stamina than the Pteranodon. As far as fliers go, you’ll be able to’t go unsuitable with an Argy.

When you anger one Argentavis, you anger all others close by. They will assault you as a flock – and so they may win in the event you aren’t ready for a critical struggle. They can even take out a few of your different tames; don’t hunt for Argentavis with out superior firepower or predators. They turn out to be rather a lot simpler to face as you get later into the sport. Early on, although, they’re a menace. 

Where Do Argentavis Live?


While you could find flocks of Argentavis on each map, they’re clustered more densely in some areas than others.

  • On The Island, Argys flock to the northern components of the map, preferring the cooler climates. However, you can even discover a wholesome flock within the heart.
  • On The Center, search for Argentavis on the north and west aspect of the map. Some additionally dwell on the middle islands however in decrease populations. 
  • Scorched Earth has the best Argentavis spawns on the western aspect of the map.
  • On Ragnarok, stick towards the middle of the map, shifting from south to north. There aren’t numerous very high-density areas, however wherever within the heart column has an opportunity of Argys.
  • Extinction survivors ought to examine the higher third of the map from west to east. You could discover more as you progress east, however they spawn all alongside the higher a part of the map.
  • Valguero has greater Argentavis populations within the north and west.

You can all the time use on-line warmth maps to search out the best inhabitants of Argentavis on any given map. Knowing the place they spawn earlier than you hunt for one will make the whole course of way more manageable. 

What Do Argentavis Drop?


You get the everyday drops you’d anticipate from predators, like hide, uncooked meat, and even uncooked prime meat. With Primitive Plus, you additionally get recent poultry and feathers.

The Argentavis drops a Talon, too. This is a novel loot drop you utilize to summon bosses for arenas. To get it, examine the stock of the Argentavis earlier than you assault the corpse with an axe or choose to reap the opposite drops.

  • The Center Arena and the Ragnarok Arena require 10 Argentavis Talons to open on the beta stage and 25 on the alpha stage.
  • The Forsaken Oasis requires 50 Argentavis Talones for the gamma stage, eight for the beta stage, and 15 for the alpha stage. 

Since finishing the arenas may help unlock some nice engrams, it’s value beginning a group of Argentavis Talons early and saving them for future endeavors. 

What Roles Does an Argentavis Play?


My favourite function for the Argentavis has all the time been an early-game transport for heavy loot. While it actually shines on this function, the Argy is an incredible all-around tame who can do a ton for solo gamers or complete tribes.

  • Argentavis can scale back the load of sure objects in its stock. Black pearl, crystal, steel, steel ingots, obsidian, natural polymer, polymer, stone, and scrap steel ingots are all decreased in weight by 50 p.c when saved within the Argentavis stock. We used it to assemble steel from nodes on cliffs after which fly it back to our base.
  • They’re additionally nice at accumulating meat and prime meat. While they aren’t probably the most environment friendly gatherers within the sport, they’re fairly excessive up there and might yield rather a lot in the event you use them as harvesters. They additionally do first rate at accumulating keratin, chitin, and conceal. 
  • Argys aren’t the quickest fliers in ARK, however they’re decently fast and have unimaginable stamina. Since they will additionally struggle, they’re safer to take into harmful conditions than one thing like a Pteranodon, which could fly quicker however hits a lot much less exhausting.
  • Take an Argentavis into battle, and also you is perhaps shocked simply how a lot it advantages you. It has a buff known as Rapid Regeneration that ups your well being and stamina recovery for 20 seconds. This happens when it’s consuming a corpse. 
  • Since Argentavis can carry sure different creatures that collect like a Doedicarus, it may well deliver them over impassable terrain to get useful resource nodes that will in any other case be tough to succeed in with such gradual creatures.

No matter what you want a tame for, the Argy ought to be capable to assist.

How Do I Fly an Argentavis?


To fly an Argentavis, you first must make a saddle. The engram for the Argentavis Saddle is unlocked at stage 62. It requires 21 Engram Points to unlock. When outfitted, it provides the Argy a further 25 armor. 

To craft it, mix: 350 hide, 185 fibers, and 150 of both chitin, shell fragments, or keratin. You can do it in your stock crafting menu by clicking on the fitting engram. The saddle additionally works as a Smithy.

Once you set the saddle in your tame Argentavis, mount the chook and press leap to fly. You should keep directing it ahead if you’re within the air, or it’ll finally cease and simply hang around till you press the button once more.

Remember that flying consumes stamina. If you’re shifting and the mount runs out of stamina, it’ll land and never be capable to fly once more till it regains the useful resource. You is perhaps in peril relying on the place it touches down.

When you’re able to dismount, hit leap once more, so the Argy heads for the bottom. Once it’s down, you’ll be able to dismount like standard. 

Can an Argentavis Carry Other Creatures?

Argentavis can carry explicit different creatures round. This function is useful for shifting a beast it is advisable a special location or taking one other right into a entice for taming. Some of the issues you’ll be able to carry embrace Achatina, Trilobite, Dodo, Kairuku, Otter, and Ferox.

Taming an Argentavis


One of probably the most difficult issues about taming an Argentavis is guaranteeing it doesn’t fly away as soon as its torpor rises and its close to unconsciousness. If you’ll be able to handle that risk, you’ll be capable to tame one very quickly. 


When you’re taming in ARK, the same old methodology is to knock out the creature with tranqs after which feed it till it likes you.

You can use a Crossbow together with your tranq darts to take out the Argentavis, but it surely gained’t elevate its torpor as rapidly as using a Longneck Rifle. Since the Argentavis will fly away as soon as it realizes it’s in peril, it is advisable apply torpor rapidly. Choose your weapon and be ready to maneuver quick as soon as the Argy begins escaping.

To Trap or Not to Trap

You don’t must entice an Argentavis to tame it. Still, it may well make it simpler, particularly in the event you’re coping with a number of birds or attempting to reap Argentavis Talons en masse rapidly.

If you don’t wish to construct a entice, simply begin capturing the Argentavis you want to tame. Be ready to dodge and transfer to keep away from its assaults rapidly. You can take them down this manner, however it’s possible you’ll expertise some issues in the event you aren’t fast and agile. 


The advantages of a entice are fairly spectacular, although. First, it permits you to take shelter from different Argentavis which can be nonetheless aware and from close by predators. Argy spawns typically take you close to harmful predators who will wish to eat each you and your potential tame.

Since Argys can match via most areas, you’ll be able to create a 3×3 area to tame it. Leave a wall down or gate open and construct a door on the other finish. The purpose is to run into the room via the open wall or gate, exit via the back door and shut it behind you, then run to the entrance, shut the gate, or set up the final wall.

Argys can fly, so making a small viewing room with area to shoot and a window is perhaps the best choice for a long-term Argentavis entice. If you’re simply doing it for one chook, it’s simpler to face exterior the door, shoot, shut it when essential, and proceed doing so till it falls unconscious. 

Making Friends with Food

Argentavis is happiest when it’s fed Superior Kibble. However, Raw Mutton, Cooked Lamp Chops, and Raw Prime Meat are all adequate choices that you just most likely gained’t want extra torpidity to finish the method.


The trick to taming is that your goal should keep asleep till after the method is full. The unconscious creature eats its most popular meals from its stock after which wakes up prepared for a brand new identify and certain to you and your tribe.

To guarantee it stays down, add Narcotic to its stock and the taming meals. Watch the torpidity meter within the menu and power it to eat Narcotic when essential. Other than that, wait till the taming meals is devoured and the Argentavis wakes up as associates. 

Pro Strats

Some gamers prefer to entice an Argentavis, elevate its torpor with tranqs, after which put a lifeless creature within the entice with the Argy. Once it eats the beast and also you see the Regeneration impact kick in, rapidly knock it out and begin taming. 

Hunting an Argentavis


Hunting an Argentavis isn’t a lot totally different than taming it. If you don’t need simply to shoot it and dodge its assaults, you’ll be able to lead it right into a entice after which use deadly ammunition to kill it and harvest what you want. One of probably the most complicated components is separating it from its flock – however a big entice can maintain a number of Argys, and you may harvest much more loot from them without delay in the event you’re prepared to place within the work to construct it.

One tip is to make use of a big bear entice on the bottom. If you will get the Argys into a good area, the entice may snare them and keep them in place whilst you shut the doorways or construct a wall to seal them in. Make certain you have got an accessible area to shoot them as soon as they’re trapped. 

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