A unicast is a real-time information transmission from a single sender to at least one recipient. Examples embody a video stream, audio stream, or on-line presentation shared with a single person over the Internet. It is taken into account “one-to-one” communication since there are solely two events concerned.

Unicasting is usually contrasted with multicasting and broadcasting — each of that are “one-to-many” types of communication. Multicasts ship information to a selected set of customers, whereas broadcasts would not have an outlined variety of recipients. Broadcasting is the most typical, whereas unicasting is the least widespread.

Unicasting Misconceptions

A unicast is a sort of solid — the real-time distribution of content material. However, the time period “unicasting” is typically used to explain point-to-point information transfers, reminiscent of a file obtain, and bi-directional communication, reminiscent of a telephone name. These are each types of one-to-one communication, however they don’t seem to be varieties of casting.

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