An inbox is the primary folder that your incoming mail will get saved in. Whether you examine your mail by means of a webmail interface or use a program like Outlook or Mac OS X Mail, every downloaded message will get saved in your inbox.

If you examine your mail from a POP3 account using an e-mail program, the messages are downloaded to the inbox in your native laborious drive. However, should you use an IMAP mail server, your inbox is created on the server and due to this fact your messages are saved on the server as effectively.

Because most individuals obtain more mail than they will handle in a single folder, it’s common to create different folders to retailer your messages. After studying your messages, chances are you’ll transfer them to different folders you’ve gotten created (equivalent to “Family,” “Friends,” “Business,” and so forth.) or delete them by shifting them to the Trash. However you resolve to handle you mail, it’s a good suggestion to maintain the variety of messages in your inbox from rising too giant. Otherwise, you simply might need to file for E-mail Bankruptcy.

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