How to freeze a frame in Clipchamp: Step-by-step guide

How to freeze a body in Clipchamp: Step-by-step information.

There are lots of video modifying strategies that assist seize the viewers’s consideration, akin to transitions, the usage of inexperienced screens, animations, and textual content. But there’s a little-known method known as freeze framing that may create drama and rivet your viewers to a selected body within the video.

But what’s the freeze body impact precisely and how are you going to use a video editor like Clipchamp so as to add the impact to your video? All this arising!

What is ‘Freeze Frame’ in video modifying?

Freeze body – the title says all of it! It’s a video modifying impact that allows you to freeze or halt the body of a video clip for a brief time period. 

The freeze body impact has been utilized in cinema lots. From Martin Scorsese to Ridley Scott, administrators have used the freeze body method to both break the fourth wall, add emphasis to a shot, or simply introduce characters. But modern-day software program and functions have leveled the enjoying discipline to a terrific extent. It’s attainable now to make use of the freeze body impact with very primary modifying data. 

That stated, not each utility affords an in-built freeze body instrument which you can merely apply to your video to pause it for a set period. The similar is true for Clipchamp as nicely, for now a minimum of. Nevertheless, with a easy workaround, you’ll be able to nonetheless get the freeze body impact you’re searching for.

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How to freeze a body in Clipchamp: Step-by-step information

Here is how one can freeze a body in Clipchamp to get the specified impact:

1. Import your video

First issues first, open Clipchamp and choose Create a brand new video

Click on Import media.

Navigate to your video file, choose it, and click on on Open.

Now, drag and drop the imported file into the timeline.

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2. Find and seize the body that you simply wish to freeze

Now, preview your video and pause on the body that you simply wish to freeze. Take observe of the time stamp of the body.

If you’re discovering it laborious to get to the body of your selection, zoom in on the timeline for higher entry.

Now, since Clipchamp doesn’t have a freeze body impact to supply of its personal, we’ll have to make use of a workaround.

To begin with, run your video file within the media participant of your selection. Then pause the video proper on the body that you simply wish to freeze. Compare the 2 frames (in Clipchamp and your video participant) aspect by aspect to see if the suitable body is chosen.

Now, make your video participant go full display (double-click the video in your media participant) after which click on someplace within the video in order that the play choices are hidden and nothing however your video is seen. Then press PrtScr to repeat the image to the clipboard. For laptop computer customers, you might need to press the Fn key together with it.

Then, open Paint from the Start Menu.

In the Paint app, press Ctrl+V to stick the captured body.

3. Crop the captured body

Next, we’re going to crop this image. To achieve this in Paint, click on on Image within the toolbar.

Then choose the crop instrument.

Select the rectangle. 

Crop the boundaries of the body as carefully as humanly attainable and make sure that no additional black bars are current. 

This is the essential bit right here as a result of we wish to make it possible for the body is aligned with the precise video and doesn’t have pointless components that may present up after we add it to our video. You might wish to zoom in to get the very best crop.

Once you’re happy with the framing, right-click on it and choose Crop.

Then choose File.

Select Save as after which click on on an acceptable image format.

And save the body at a handy location. 

4. Import the body to your timeline

Return to Clipchamp and choose Import media.

Select the image simply created and click on on Open.

Now, earlier than we embrace this body in our clip, we should first make area for it within the timeline. To do that, we’ll want to separate the timeline video on the timestamp the place the frozen body will go.

With the timeline marker positioned proper at your chosen timestamp, click on on Split (scissors icon) within the toolbar. 

Now that your video is break up in two, drag the second a part of the clip slightly additional out to the suitable to create space for the frozen body image. 

Then drag and drop the imported image on this area.

Check the preview to see if the frozen body and the video are aligned. If not, return and re-crop the image in order that it aligns in addition to it might and import that once more. 

Trim the frozen body image to the specified period after which be part of all of the clips collectively so there aren’t any breaks in between. 

Check the preview to see if the freeze body impact appears to be like the way in which you need it to.

5. Export your video

Finally, export your video. To achieve this, click on on Export on prime.

Select your high quality.

The video shall be saved within the Downloads folder.

And similar to that, you’ve created and exported your video with the freeze body impact.


Let’s check out a couple of generally requested queries in regards to the freeze body impact and Clipchamp.

Does Clipchamp have the freeze body impact?

Unfortunately, Clipchamp doesn’t have a freeze body impact. However, there’s a easy workaround to realize the identical outcome. Refer to the information above to know more.

How do I freeze a body of a video?

If the software program you’re using doesn’t have a freeze body impact, then you’ll have to resort to a workaround. In transient, you’ll have to observe down the timestamp of the body that you simply wish to freeze, run the video in a media participant, pause it at that second and screenshot it. Thereafter, crop the screenshot in a software program like Paint and reserve it. Finally, break up your video within the timeline on the timestamp, import this cropped body to your timeline in between the clips, and join all of the clips collectively. The outcome can be a succession of your video, the frozen body, and the remainder of your video which provides the freeze-frame impact. 

What is the aim of the freeze body impact?

The function of the freeze body impact is to pause the video at a single body for a set period after which proceed enjoying the video. The frozen body works to intensify the topic and name consideration to it. 

We hope you had been in a position to freeze a body in your video using the workaround given on this information. Even although Clipchamp doesn’t have an in-built impact that may obtain the identical, with slightly little bit of creativity, you’ll be able to obtain the freeze body impact for any video in Clipchamp. 

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