Page View

Each time a person visits a Web web page, it’s known as a web page view. Page views, additionally written “pageviews,” are tracked by web site monitoring purposes to document a web site’s site visitors. The more web page views a web site has, the more site visitors it’s receiving. However, since a web page view is recorded every time a Web web page is loaded, a single person can rack up many web page views on one web site. Therefore, distinctive web page views are generally tracked to log the variety of totally different guests a web site receives in a given time interval.

Page views are generally confused with web site hits. While individuals typically use the time period “hit” to explain a web page view, technically successful is recorded for every object that masses throughout a web page view. For instance, if a Web web page incorporates HTML, two images, and a JavaScript reference, a single web page view will document 4 hits. If a web page incorporates over 2 hundred images, one web page view will document over 2 hundred hits.

Page views are more just like impressions, that are generally tracked by on-line advertisers. Page views and impressions could also be similar if one commercial is positioned on every web page. However, if a number of advertisements are positioned on every web page, the variety of advert impressions can be higher than the variety of web page views.

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