Leet, or leetspeak, is a technique of typing phrases using alternate characters. Letters are changed with numbers or symbols that intently resemble them. For instance, the letter “a” is likely to be changed with the @ image and the letter “E” is likely to be changed with the quantity 3. The word “leet” will be written as “1337.”

Some letters have apparent numeric alternate options, corresponding to “8” for “B” and “5” for “S.” Other characters are simply changed by particular characters. For instance, “ƒ” can be utilized for “f” and “µ” could also be used for “u.” In instances the place no apparent substitution is out there, a number of characters could also be used. For instance, “/” can exchange “V” and “|)” can exchange “D.”

Most letters have multiple attainable leet alternative, so there is no such thing as a commonplace option to write phrases in leetspeak. Additionally, font case is interchangeable. Leet phrases usually include a mixture of lowercase and uppercase characters. In some instances, letters could also be omitted or modified to one thing related, corresponding to “z” for the letter “s.”

The word “computer” will be written in leetspeak a number of alternative ways. Below are a number of examples:

  • CøM9µ†3r
  • c0m¶uT€R
  • ¢o^^püt&r
  • çOm|°|_|7e®
  • Ç[]//pÜ+é/I2

While there is no such thing as a appropriate option to write phrases in leetspeak, they need to be straightforward to decipher.

Leet has no official use, although it’s generally related to the computing elite (3l33t) and hackers (h@ck0rz). It is usually used only for enjoyable, although it may also be used to intimidate newbies (n00bs) in net boards or on-line chatrooms. Some customers kind questionable phrases in leetspeak to bypass word filters in on-line video games or discussions.

NOTE: You can view a listing of widespread leet translations from the PC.web Leet Sheet.

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