Address Bar

An handle bar is a textual content subject close to the highest of a Web browser window that shows the URL of the present webpage. The URL, or net handle, displays the handle of the present web page and mechanically adjustments everytime you go to a brand new webpage. Therefore, you may at all times test the situation of the webpage you’re presently viewing with the browser’s handle bar.

While the URL within the handle bar updates mechanically whenever you go to a brand new web page, you can too manually enter an online handle. Therefore, if the URL of a web site or particular web page you need to go to, you may sort the URL within the handle bar and press Enter to open the situation in your browser.

NOTE: The URL usually begins with “http://“, however most browsers will mechanically add the HTTP prefix to the start of the handle for those who do not sort it in.

The look of the handle bar varies barely between browsers, however most browsers show a small 16×16 pixel icon on to the left of the URL. This icon is named a “favicon” and gives a visible identifier for the present web site. Some browsers additionally show an RSS feed button on the precise aspect of the handle bar whenever you go to a web site that provides RSS feeds. In the Safari net browser, the handle bar additionally doubles as a progress bar when pages are loading and features a refresh button on the precise aspect. Firefox features a favorites icon on the precise aspect of the handle bar that permits you to add or edit a bookmark for the present web page.

The handle bar is typically additionally known as an “address field.” However, it shouldn’t be confused with a browser toolbar, such because the Google or Yahoo! Toolbar. These toolbars usually seem beneath the handle bar and will embody a search subject and a number of other icons.

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